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Co-Vid 19 and Jesus

Updated: Apr 20, 2020

How Jesus related to my sickness and gave me strength

Co-Vid 19 and Jesus

I was really sick

Many of you know that I had gotten really sick last month about when Co-Vid 19 first came out. I was so tired I couldn't get out of bed, I had lung pain, shortness of breath, dry cough, and yes low grade fever. I was scared. Like most people who are sick, I turned to my doctor. Except he would not see me. He refused because I had Covid symptoms. He told me to go to the hospital. I did, they saw me, and refused to test me, instead telling me stay at home and "Self-Quarantine." They said I had "viral". So THE HOSPITAL WOULD NOT TREAT ME and MY OWN DOCTOR WOULD NOT SEE ME. I called my doctor back and explained I thought I needed and antibiotic and begged him, so he ordered labwork. But guess what? THE LAB REFUSED TO SEE ME NOT LETTING ME INSIDE because I was sick. How can I get better if they don't run tests or give me medication?

I was sick and scared, scared I might have it, scared I might die. In a lot of pain and suffering. Fear had over-taken everyone and I was a victim, not just of being sick, but of fear. No -one wanted to be near me, and those I had once trusted to take care of me were violating their very Hippocratic oath and refusing to see me. I felt scared and hopeless. I felt like I was an outsider and reject. I BECAME AN UNTOUCHABLE OVERNIGHT.

I'm not sure what was worse, the physical illness, fear of death, or the feeling that I was left all alone and abandoned. The only thing I could do is pray.

Mercy was shown to me, by someone also rejected by large parts of society and considered an outcast

After driving in my car helplessly and begging God for help, I came across another urgent care. I went to the door and there was a transgender person outside doing screenings to let people inside. I explained my situation, how sick I was, how I thought I had an infection but no doctor would see me to help me. I broke down in tears crying afraid I was going to die, not even from Co-Vid, but because no doctor would see me. I explained how I felt like an outsider and untouchable. Guess who had mercy on me?

I might very well owe this person my life. First they sat there and just talked with me, giving me the time that no-one else would making me feel better with small talk. Then, they spoke to the manager and got the doctor to see me. I had to go in with a mask, but the doctor saw me due to the advocacy of this trans-gendered person who didn't even know me, but showed me more mercy then my own doctor. That day, this person was Jesus to me. And I thank God for them. I did have an infection and needed the antibiotic to get better. I could have died and would have got sicker and sicker because no-one was willing to treat me. God sent this person to me and directed my footsteps as to where to go.


I AM NOT THE FIRST PERSON- Jesus did the same thing when he walked the earth proving his compassion

My story is not uncommon, its not even a new one. Centuries ago people faced the same thing and felt the same way. The Gospels are biographies of Jesus life told by his followers. One story in all 3 gospels is told of a man with a disease so bad no one was allowed to go near him (leprosy) He lived alone in isolation, sick and suffering rejected by society and even blamed for his illness. That is until he met Jesus. You see, Jesus didn't just heal the man, He did the unthinkable, Jesus touched the man first. Now I can relate to this. When I had symptoms of Co-vid not even doctors would be near me out of fear. I was all alone and isolated. This man must have felt the same way. Jesus had the courage to go up to him and touch the man, saying "he was willing" to make him better. That touch probably meant more to the man then the actual healing. But that's Jesus and that's our loving God. Jesus comes near us, he does not run away from us or turn us aside. When everyone else leaves or forsakes us, He is there. And just like back then, although Jesus did not appear in person to touch me, his Holy Spirit sent some-one to do the very thing he did thousands of years ago in the very same way. History repeats itself. Jesus Christ is truly the same yesterday, today and forever!


To give the story context click on the link below- you will read how people with leprosy were treated then, and why Jesus action was so revolutionary.

Here is the link to the actual bible stories of Jesus healing the man:

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