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Since our founding in 2017 Youth Haven Ministries has provided recreational programs along with optional faith based activities that teach about Jesus and answer kids questions about faith.  In 2019 we entered into a partnership with Dream Academy Schools, to open the New Port Richey Teen Center as a place where kids of any faith can come and be themselves. Since this time, our services have expanded to include arts programs, life skills, mental health,  educational, and leadership programs.

We offer outreach, prevention, intervention, educational, and advocacy services that assist youth and their families wherever they are at in life.  Our services are provided to everyone without bias or exception and there is no mandatory church attendance or bible study to get services.


We also offer optional religious studies and services for those who seek spiritual answers to life’s questions.  If you chose to attend one, you can come without fear or obligation knowing that we will still help you regardless of what you chose to believe.



  • Street outreach

  • Participation in community events

  • Resource directory of youth services

  • Social Media outreach

  • Special Events: 


  • YHM Teen Centers

  • Music, Art, and Theater programs

  • Teen Led Clubs

  • Holiday Parties & Dances

  • Movie & Game Nights

  • Sports & athletics

  • Open Mic/Karaoke


  • Life Skills Education 

  • "Adulting"& Independent Living

  • Resource directory

  • K-12 Education (Provided by our partner, Dream Academy Schools)


  • Mental Health Counseling

  • Life Coaching

  • Christian Counseling

  • Support Groups





  • Mentoring for "at risk youth"

  • Support Groups for Teens

  • Support Groups for parents

  • Resources/Referrals for Families

  • Teen Advisory Board

  • MY Life Leadership Program

  • Peer Mediation

  • Peer Mentors

  • Peer Advisers

  • Student Speakers

  • "Let Them Know" letters

  • Individual Youth Advocates

  • Who is Jesus Group

  • Why Jesus Group

  • Q& A Answers Discussion Group

  • X Youth Outreach Group

  • REAL- Faith Based Life Skills

  • Biblical Mistakes/Misfits Group

  • Survival 101- Grow your faith


Pastor Tony Losacco, M.A.

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