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Calling-  others to follow Jesus Christ through service & evangelism.


Discipling- teaching the basics of faith & mentoring.


Preparing– training & equipping to spread the Gospel


Sending– out to reach others for Christ



 Jesus was a people seeker. He did not hang around synagogues waiting for people to come to him. He went outside religious places and reached out to people.


You could often find Jesus at a party, having dinner at someone’s home, or engaging in conversations with strangers on the street. He went where the people who needed him would be .


SERVING– MATT 20:26-30


Jesus actions backed up what he said. People accepted his message that God  was real and cared for them because He showed it by what he did.  So do we. 


SHARING– JOHN 4:29, MRK 5:19

Jesus came to declare to good news of God’s kingdom, and he taught all those who were willing to listen. Those who met him shared his story with others as witnesses….and so do we.


Jesus knew some people needed extra help, even when they messed up or were going though hard times. Whether it was a sinful women , a despised tax collector, or his own close friends who had abandoned him, Jesus stuck by people without giving up on them or refusing to help them.

SENDING:  "go and make disciples" -Jesus

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