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The Youth Safe Program has as its core philosophy that all youth are “at risk” of getting into trouble in one way or another if they do not have a positive structured environment that will occupy their free time and give them something to do.  As such the Youth Safe  will provide recreation to all youth keeping them safe, off the streets and out of trouble.

What We Do:

1-  YHM TEEN Centers: - currently seeking funding to open

 Once they are open these, drop-in centers for teens will provide them with recreation and a safe alternative to hanging out on the streets.  It serves as the new point of contact between youth and the agencies that provide them services.  Youth who might not otherwise feel comfortable reaching out to adults can come into one of these centers and feel safe and accepted. This program will not just be a youth center- It will partner with local organizations to provide comprehensive services to youth in the community


Throughout the year we hold FREE special events. We have already offered Hip Hop Concerts, Family Events, Picnics, Roller Skating, and Holiday Parties

3- Other Recreational Activities:  


Other recreational activities will also be scheduled  on a regular as we get more volunteers. These activities will be purely recreational. Just a safe and fun place for kids 

4-  Recreational Outings:

We will offer recreational trips for youth ranging from nights at the movies, to skating, bowling, and min-golf for a small fee with fundraising being available for low income families. 

5- Business Partnerships: (coming soon)


Finally, Youth Safe will partner with local businesses that provide recreation to youth to advertise their services while providing discounts to youth who are program members, and seek to raise money for youth who otherwise would not be able to enjoy these activities.

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