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         Youth Haven Ministries exists to obey the Great Commandment of Jesus Christ, and fulfill the Great Commission of Jesus Christ.  We believe in following the model of Jesus to bring the gospel to young people.

We endeavor to fulfill the Great Commandment of Jesus Christ by going where kids are and showing them love through our offering of unconditional acts of selfless service just as Jesus did.  We attempt to serve them and meet their needs while developing a personal relationship with each one.  We give them a friend to talk to, safe places to go, action filled activities to meet their needs, and effective adult role models who care about kids enough to give of themselves to help young people.  We do this regardless of their response to the gospel, believing that caring for kids and showing them love fulfills the Great Commandment of Jesus Christ. 

It is our hope that by opening up our lives to kids, they will embrace the love of God which we endeavor to communicate. This will them lead into a life-changing personal relationship with the our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  In this way we fulfill the Great Commission of go tell.

As part of this vision we also minister to kids who already have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.  We allow the Holy Spirit to use us in the process of discipleship helping kids grow in their Christian walk, and draw them nearer to Jesus Christ.

Finally we equip these kids with the resources and they will need to minister and bear fruit for our Lord Jesus Christ.

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