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Youth Reach- Focusing on all Youth

The Youth Reach program has as it principal philosophy that all youth need help in one way or another and are at need of services be it just a safe place to hang out or the attention of a caring adult. Youth Reach focuses on youth of all ages and every demographic background.  Our goal will be to help each and every youth to obtain the services that they need which are already in existence within the community.  

The Youth Reach Program focuses on youth of all ages.  Its goal is reaching out to area youth in order to obtain services for them  that already exists within the community.  Youth Reach will provide referrals of youth to existing social service agencies as well as our own ministry.

We do this in 5 ways:

1) Community Outreach:  Our staff are present at events held throughout the community providing resources to youth & families. We participate in public events and functions located throughout the community hosted by various organizations providing information & referrals to those who attend. 

2) Direct Outreach Teams:  This is the heart and soul of Youth Reach where properly screened and trained adult volunteers go to public places where youth already hang out in order to meet with them and get to know them.  Our volunteers go out and serve as a first point of contact between youth and the organizations that already exist within the community to provide them services.


 We then offer the youth information on services that are already available to them within the community through distribution of literature that is provided to us by other agencies.  In addition to this, our volunteers may personally refer youth to services making initial contact with the agency for the youth. We will also provide youth with literature on our own services. In short, our volunteers will be the point of contact between youth and the agencies seeking to serve them.   

3) Hosting a Youth Website: is specifically for youth to get information and resources and reach out for help. It also includes fun things like games, movies, and anime for youth. This website provides links to our social media sites for additional outreach opportunities.  It is a place for youth to access information, support, and referrals while learning about the Christian faith. It will also be a resource for those who serve youth to share resources and develop themselves professionally.   Eventually it will also serve as a site advocating for youth causes and social issues.

4) Social Media Outreach: We are frequently producing Tik Tok, You Tube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and other social media posts to reach out to youth.

5) Being Visible and Available: Our phone number is staffed by trained volunteers willing to help youth and get them connected to services. In addition to this, we also maintain a strong social media presence and youth can communicate with us via- messaging to reach out for help.

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